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1. My hands hurt.
2. Getting into some heavy stuff in the comic.
3. Want to start work on another donation comic because Lyze has been waiting.

Anyone who I am currently working with will get whatever they want done but for a few weeks at least I don't want to take on anything new. I appreciate the enthusiasm though.  I might need to work in the future to pace myself. It would help both me and the quality of my work. :B
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Commission Info

I don't do trades or requests.
Commission Status: Closed for Repairs.

Prices in USD. Mail or Paypal. Although Paypal is faster and we know you love fast.

Selections and examples, some are linked from my other account.

Visual shorthand for things I will do.

Sketch $10 Photoshop or pencil.
Vacay3:Dani and Pan by Olympic-DamesA girl and her Dinosaur by Olympic-DamesI have 4 sketchbooks by Olympic-Dames

Not including the color thing in the second to last one. And it doesn't have to be in purple, of course. I get paid before you get it.

Colored Sketch. $25 Photoshop or pencil.

Nekkin nekkid by Olympic-Dames The mighty jungle by Olympic-DamesGod Bless America by Olympic-Dames

Coloring the above doodles. I can show you the line work before payment but if you don't pay I will cry.

Completely Photoshopped - $40

:Comission: Beach episode. by Olympic-DamesI did it before it was cool by Olympic-DamesCommission: Massive Effect by Olympic-Dames

This involves sketching in Photoshop, doing line art, then coloring which usually takes the longest. To make sure that you like it I'll send the sketch for inspection before I go into the brunt of the work. Pay before I give it to you.

Ask if you want the PSD which is usually 3-5x larger.

Comic pages
Comic pages are counted as how much work I can fit on a 11x17(traditional American comic) page. As many panels as you think will look good. Just have something planned out ahead.

Pencil pages - $30
I32p5 by Olympic-Dames i28p10 by Olympic-Dames

Colored pages - $55
These will be the quality of whatever the latest page of the comic is.Here - I keep updating my techniques as I go.

Rules/Notes or just stuff to read.
a. If you want a personal character I need more to go on that "She's blond and has blue eyes." a bit of story, a bio or a good description to get an idea of the character. Be as specific/descriptive as possible so what I do will better match your vision. There won't be any refunds if it's not precisely how you envision.

b. If you want fan art of a character from a cartoon or whatever, provide images.

c. I'm usually fairly fast. There's no need to wheedle me.

d. After you pay it's yours to do whatever with. (Except say you drew it.) So post it where ever. That's why I ask whether I can post it or not.

e. I have a right to refuse something. I hope if you are commissioning me you know what I usually do and can do so I won't have to. Stuff I specifically will not do are: Children in adult situations(recognizably a child), Vore*, Gore, Extreme Nudity/porn.

*Note on Vore: I won't draw someone eating someone, however if you don't tell me it's vore I'll draw movement. I just don't like the whole eating people part.

f. It doesn't have to be Pregnancy if you just want a character pic.

g. I don't charge for multiple characters up do three. Then it's $5 per. My general rule is if I draw more than one character on a page they need to be interacting for it to count as one image.

h. I don't have limited slots like some. I do them as I get them and am usually known for being fast. I'll tell you if there's anyone before you.

If interested Note Me.


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so who's next for the funraiser
have plans for big belly :)
Think you'll do another point drive?
I've never done a point drive?
I meant the fundraiser. Sorry, I forgot the name till I went back and looked at the old ones.
Stop being so GOOD at stuff.
:iconpartycannonplz: Happy Birthday! Ha ha! =D :iconcakeplz:
happy birthday i love your work especially the school girl pic! :D
Happy b-day :3!
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